Saturday, January 15, 2011

I Love My Two Year Old

We are in the funeral home. Everyone is whispering, and all is VERY quiet. Molly shouts out, "Did you's hear me's poot?" Could have died!! I walked out and let my mom handle that one:)

Molly is curled up in my lap.
Me: Do you feel bad?
Molly: No.
Me: Are you tired?
Molly: No.
Me: Well, what's the matter?
Molly: Me don't have any matters.

I am in busy party planning mode. I am doing one big party for the girls together in February. The petting zoo is booked, and the cake is ordered. I have started the invites and bought the plates. Feeling very good about my progress. I am calling this my last party. I think from now on we will take a trip. The money would be the same and a lot less stress. This is the picture that is going on the invitations.

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