Sunday, November 14, 2010

House Bed

The last Christmas before Molly, we kind of went overboard. It was Mattie Claire's last Christmas as an only child, and we bought her lots! Jason and his dad built her this house bed to match one in Pottery Barn. I had big plans for a flower box and to paint it really cute. However, there just never seems to be time to paint for myself. She slept in it probably twice, now it takes up lots of space! I will never trust Molly to sleep that high up. I am sure she would end up playing Super Molly and trying to fly down! I have put it on facebook; cross your fingers that I sell it.

Yesterday, we went shopping--girls day. We shopped with friends and went to a Matilda Jane party. Both girls had a blast, and poor Molly crashed as soon as we got home!

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