Thursday, July 23, 2009


I think everyone must have had their children in August, except for me. There are so many birthdays. I am staying up until about 2:00 every night painting birthday party favor totes. I love the business, but I am concerned about back to school. I hope I can keep up. I thought I would post a few that I have done today. One lady got each child a different tote. I designed a tote for someone have a "Little Gym" party; I thought the little gymnast turned out pretty cute.
Brittany is having a back to school bow and belt party this Saturday. She has some of the cutest stuff and is offering specials just for that day. Some of my favorites are the reversible belts, monogrammed bows, and bows with rhinestone paws and megaphones. Chesney's Kelly's Kids party is also Saturday, so it will be a busy day. Give me a call if you need details on either party--directions, times, . . .

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