Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Vacation Cases

I am still painting away, getting ready for the Peach Festival. I have been working on these cases that are a great way to keep up with art supplies. The case monogrammed with the letter K is a large case that will hold a regular sized color book. The turtle case is smaller, but it still holds smaller coloring books and pads of paper. The larger cases are $13, and the smaller cases are $10. These cases are perfect to take on vacation. The kids can pack up everything they will need to stay entertained on the car ride.
I am a little stuck on the zebra monogram. I saw the design on the Internet and fell in love. I have done beach buckets, trash cans, and briefcases in this same design. I know it is time to move on to a new design. I am working on some mermaids that I hope to get posted tomorrow. I want to thank everyone that is following and reading my blog. I love the phone calls, and I really appreciate that I got my first plate order from the blog today. I have such wonderful friends and family!!

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