Monday, May 25, 2009

Beach Buckets

I am painting away, getting ready for the Peach Festival at the end of June. Right now, I am working on beach pails. They are pretty big and have rope handles. I have some excellent and loyal customers in Jonesboro who have bought most of the buckets I had on hand, but more are on the way. I even ordered some "luster;" I hope it is as pretty as it sounds. I will be putting the painted buckets at the Pea Patch in Winnfield and CB Antiques in Jonesboro. They are going to be $10 and can be personalized.
Blog Special
All buckets ordered
through the blog are $7.

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  1. Hey - just thought I would check in to see if you were doing anything cute - Ha! Mary-Catherine has a birthday party next Saturday - have anything in mind??? Maybe a mermaid bucket or briefcase?? Clara is the birthday girl. Anything you do with be fine.