Thursday, July 14, 2011

Remember when.....

Several months ago, I wrote a post asking for cans with a large pop top. I promised to show some of the finished products. I started by using a can opener to open the bottom. I washed the cans, filled, then hot glued the bottoms back to the can. I found that pineapple cans worked the best, because they were large and help more goodies! I stamped papers and wrapped the cans with ribbon, tags,... Each can was filled with goodies to make summer fun: bubbles, squishy lizards, balls, sunglasses, water guns, flip flop lottery tickets,.... I had a lot of fun making something just because, and I think the recipients all loved their little happy. I am planning to do some back to school cans for MC's teachers.

Thanks to facebook, I have reconnected with my very first BFF, oringinal best friends, as she calls us:) I mailed her little ones a can, and I think they loved the surprises. She immediately scoured her cabinets for cans that would work for some creations of her own. She has plans to create cans as party favors for an upcoming birthday.

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